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Books are brilliant things. Information, imagination, knowledge and entertainment all combined in a neat bundle of pages or an electronic file as it may be.

But there are many options. Millions actually. As a result, the question should be, “What are the must-reads?”, particularly in the first half of your life when you are aiming to do so much and looking for all that life has to offer. I’ll begin by stating that there are many books that could have made my list, but I imagine that you, like me, enjoyed many of those during your educational years. Still, it could be worth enjoying some of these beautiful, classic books.

The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank-  You probably read this as a student, but you should reread it. It may be the best book about the power of hope in the middle of appalling atrocities, and it serves to remind us that there will always be cruelty in the world, but that we must not let it triumph.

I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou – Poverty. Prejudice. Rape. Coming of age amidst all that. It’s both harrowing and empowering.

Books as guides for writing

Before you can start writing you need to have the germ of an idea — you need a tale to tell. The very smallest, simplest moments are often filled with meaning, and discovering how to share your story might be a matter of choosing where to look. There’s no finer way to understand the broad possibilities of narrative than through Pulitzer Prize-winner Alice Munro’s simple fiction. Once you’ve learned how to tell the story of a single glance, then you can tackle grander tales; unless you decide that like Munro your skills lie in immortalizing those parts of daily life so often ignored by the literary canon.

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